Plan Estimates
The following items are required for plan submission:

*  Scale drawn plans, blue prints, or study plans

* Copy of prequalification letter from lender showing amount of construction loan                  
prequalification (or prequalify with our preferred lender).

* Copy of Deed for proposed construction property

* Copy of survey and flood certificate if in a flood zone

Please be sure to also include the following in your email:

Property address/location
Phone #
Alternate #
Project Budget $
Estimated start date for project

Email all required information to our contractor at  
Or, you can call/email to set up an appointment time to bring it to our sales office.

Once an estimate is given, you will then schedule a consult with the builder.  A site evaluation will
be done before an actual quote for contract will be given.  Once the quote is given, you will need
to apply for financing, get final approval and title opinion.  When all financing paperwork is
complete, the contractor will obtain building permit and begin construction.  
Print friendly PDF of plan estimate requirements submission form.